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Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition

It's created mostly for people working in the office, whose computer activity is usually under strict control
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14 December 2008

Editor's review

Does your work involve document, file, or a project that requires you to work with high confidentiality? Have your colleagues always been trying to sneak-peek to know what’s going on your PC? Minimizing or closing your program or file window every time you move from your PC, is not an apt solution. At that time, you must have felt like hiding your windows then why not do it? Even you’re not need to go far to find the method but simply try doing it with Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition 1.9.5. The program enables you to hide/display/close any window, application, file, internet explorer window, etc by using hotkeys. You just require applying the filters and set the hotkeys for various functions. It can be conveniently used and accessed from the system tray icon, or by right clicking on it.

Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition 1.9.5 allows you to maintain complete secrecy. On launching the program, it presents the attractive program window with filter and hotkeys features placed on it. The ‘Filters’ feature help you to add file, program or window in the selection for hiding or displaying them. You can select these from drop down menu or enter the file or program name yourself, and click ‘Add’. The selected application or files are shown in the box below ‘Filters’ option and the files you’ve hidden are shown on the right side box. Further, coming to the Hotkeys selection, you can enable and set the hotkeys to Activate Filters, Show All Hidden Windows, Close Hidden Applications, Hide Active Window, Hide/Show Main Window, and Close All Opened Browsers. You can even save and load filters for future use, Manage Browsers, set configurations relating to program and its functioning, and also alter the Anti time-tracking settings. Use the hotkeys and easily hide and show you windows. You can even apply password protection to the hidden windows.

With the Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition 1.9.5, it becomes a hassle-free task to keep your work windows secure from the sneak-peeks of others. For the self-explanatory feature-set and its optimal performance, the application earns a score of 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Hide My Windows is created mostly for people working in the office, whose computer activity is usually under strict control. It hides or closes games, entertainment web pages, private documents and other windows or applications that a user needs to hide. Such a program is of great benefit for office workers, who are very likely to get fired, if caught playing games at their workplaces. Apart from hiding entertainment windows and applications at work, Hide My Windows can be used if a computer is situated in a public place (for example, at exhibitions).
Hide My Windows has a lot of convenient and useful features, which can make office life a lot more pleasant. To begin with, you can use the flexible system of filters to define the windows to be hidden. A beginner may choose from the visible windows or enter the names manually; an experienced user can employ regular expressions. Also there are a lot of ways to hide unwelcome applications, so everybody can choose what he prefers (to hide windows with a secret hotkey combination; or with a middle mouse button click; or when the mouse is moved to desktop corner; or with a single hot key, etc.).
* Instantly hide windows with a secret hotkey combination
* Hide and Show with mouse.
* Close browsers by hotkey
* Instantly hide active window with a secret hotkey combination
* Restore all windows on their places
* Works invisibly in the background
* Customizable hot keys
* Show list of hidden windows
* Owner process detection
* Exceptions list
Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition
Hide My Windows: Christmas Edition
Version 1.9.5
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